Monday, April 8, 2013

MENACE FROM THE DEEP by Michael P. Spradlin

Emmet Doyle isn't happy to leave his snowboarding life in Montana, but his scientist father has been offered a job in the Florida Everglades.  Emmet is still adjusting to the death of his mother and relocating and starting at a new school has him very nervous, but he will soon learn there is something even more frightening about to enter his life.

Mr. Doyle has been hired for his expertise in the study of predatory birds.  The woman in charge of the Everglades National Park is hoping he can help discover the reason much of the wildlife has been disappearing from the park. 

As soon as Emmet and his father arrive, she shows them the remains of an alligator-like creature discovered in the park.  Mr. Doyle explains that the terrifying creature has the characteristics of not only an alligator but also that of a prehistoric bird.  DNA studies reveal that the creature may very well be an engineered creation and there is the possibility that more may exist. 

Readers quickly learn there is another scientist at work with a far different goal.  The creator of the deadly hybrid creatures wants to use the new species to rid the Everglades of the pythons and boa constrictors he feels are threatening the very survival of the famous Florida swamp.  But will he be able to control the creatures he has created or will they control him and endanger everyone else?

MENACE FROM THE DEEP is Book #1 in a new series by author Michael P. Spradlin.  Adventure lovers will want to get their hands on this one.  Scary swamp creatures, a "mad" scientist, and two likable young heroes make for a fast-paced, riveting adventure.  Readers will be begging for more!

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