Sunday, April 28, 2013

THE LAST DANCE by Kiki Hamilton

Kellen's life is football and Ivy's is all about preparing for her future career.  The two teens attend the same high school, but their paths rarely cross.  That is until Kellen's tragic football injury.

After an unusually hard hit leaves Kellen with a closed brain injury, he finds that maybe there is more to life than football.  His cheerleader girlfriend drops him faster than he can sit up in his hospital bed, and he finds himself recovering alone. 

When he returns to school, the principal has arranged for Ivy Ly, an honor student, to attend his classes with him and act as his private tutor.  He recognizes her as a fellow student in his AP English class, but other than that, he doesn't know a thing about her. 

Ivy only knows Kellen as the star quarterback her best friend Mira has had a crush on for years.  What Ivy doesn't expect is that she will begin to think of him as much more than just a guy she has to tutor. 

Author Kiki Hamilton takes two totally different teens and sets them out on an incredible, emotional journey.  THE LAST DANCE will appeal to teens looking for intensity and romance.

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