Monday, September 14, 2015

A DIFFERENT ME by Deborah Blumenthal

A Different Me
Allie is ecstatic to learn that she is not alone.  She is not the only girl who hates her nose!

For as long as Allie can remember, she has wanted to change one thing about her appearance.  The shape of her nose, especially the bump, has disgusted her.  She wears sunglasses in hopes of hiding it, and she is always looking for makeup tips that help hid imperfections. 

No one knows how she feels, not her parents and not even her best friend Jen.  But all that changes when Allie finds a website devoted to people considering cosmetic surgery.  She meets Katrina and Mel.  They also hate their noses and plan to do something about it.

After sharing her feelings with her two new friends, Allie is even more determined to make a change that she thinks will improve everything about her life.  Will she have the courage to confront her parents about the subject?  Will tutoring a girl named Amber help her realize what real problems look like and what's really important in life?

Author Deborah Blumenthal explores the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery that is sweeping the country.  A DIFFERENT ME is perfect for girls dealing with body image issues and is sure to stimulate quality discussion about related topics.

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