Monday, September 28, 2015


I Crawl Through It
A.S. King's latest release takes readers into the lives of four teens teetering on the edge of sanity. 

Stanzi, a victim of PTSD, is dealing with the death of her younger sister.  Guilt is preventing both her and her parents from coming to terms with the tragedy.  Family "vacations" consist of trip to the scenes of school shootings leaving Stanzi completely confused and prepared to runaway from parents she believes have emotionally abandoned her.

Gustav is building an invisible helicopter.  His parents seem supportive even though they confess to not being able to see his amazing creation.  Stanzi, who care deeply for Gustav, can only see the helicopter on Tuesdays, but she believes in him completely and willing boards the aircraft when he invites her to join him on a flight to an invisible land.

China avoids emotional trauma by turning herself inside out.  Living with her insides on the outsides allows her to observe life without participation.  She wants to be normal, but since a traumatic encounter with Irenic Brown, she fears interaction.

Last is Lansdale Cruise, a compulsive liar.  Each time she lies her hair grows.  She cuts it daily, but continuous lying keeps it growing at an alarming rate.  Her low self-esteem prevents her from dealing with family and friends honestly.

Filled with odd characters and disturbing imagery, I CRAWL THROUGH IT is a hypnotic read.  The four teens will draw readers into their unusual stories and carry them through to each unconventional resolution.

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