Sunday, September 6, 2015


Charlotte Cuts It Out

ARC graciously provided by Viking Publishers.

BFF's Charlotte and Lydia have always had a grand plan for their futures.  As students in the cosmetology program at ATC, the Arts and Trades Center, they are partners intent on winning this year's Winter Style Showcase.  That win is the first step in their Grand Plan to graduate, go on to earn business degrees from Jackson College, and then open their own salon.

Winning the Style Showcase is more important than ever for Charlotte.  Her mother simply won't acknowledge that cosmetology is an acceptable career.  She believes that earning a four year college degree is the only future for her daughter.  After a family argument, Charlotte makes a bet with her mother that means her entire future plan requires winning the Showcase at all costs.

Things begin to fall apart almost immediately.  The first devastating blow comes when her best friend ever decides to totally switch directions by dropping cos arts to join the culinary arts program.  Are you kidding? Problems at the family grocery store arise that eat away at the time Charlotte has to spend prepping for the big show.  Things really heat up when a potential romance is sabotaged as Charlotte discovers that the "QT" (cutie) of her dreams is really interested in Lydia instead.

One complication leads to another, but through these challenges Charlotte, who is usually a very "me" focused person, learns that working together and thinking of others can make all the difference. 

Author K. A. Barson takes readers on a wild ride that involves the stress of competition, the frustration of a family business, and the rollercoaster of romance.  Using the backdrop of an alternative high school focused on skills and arts training adds a unique element.  The showcase competition provides an interesting educational opportunity requiring cooperation and a variety of real world skills that current educators might be wise to investigate. 

CHARLOTTE CUTS IT OUT is perfect for readers looking for a story that combines hair styles, makeup, and fashion with the daily struggles teens face with school, friends, and family.  

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