Saturday, September 5, 2015

THE TROUBLE IN ME by Jack Gantos

The Trouble in Me
Author Jack Gantos is known for his JOEY PIGZA series and DEAD END IN NORVELT and its sequel.  This latest book is similar to the autobiography Gantos wrote titled HOLE IN MY LIFE.  THE TROUBLE IN ME is fiction, but its main character is Jack himself.  He combines memories with fiction to tell readers about a time in his life when his desire was to be anyone but himself.

Young Jack's family moved frequently.  This story takes place shortly after the family moves into a new Florida neighborhood.  Feeling lonely and bored, Jack begins observing his neighbor, Gary Pagoda. 

Gary has had his fair share of trouble with the law.  Currently on probation, Gary doesn't let that stop him from doing what he wants and going where he pleases.  When he discovers that Jack is shadowing him and that he could probably take advantage of the fact that Jack also appears to look up to him, he knows just what to do.

Jack is willing to do anything Gary asks of him.  He also isn't discouraged by Gary's verbal and often physical abuse at all.  Jack's dream is to become Gary so he becomes the truest of followers.

THE TROUBLE IN ME speaks to just how far someone will go to escape a boring, lonely life.  Jack details how far he was willing to go to become Gary's friend and what it took for him to see the error of his ways.  Gantos fans will definitely want to check this one out.

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