Saturday, May 21, 2016


Highly Illogical Behavior
It has been three years since sixteen year old Solomon Reed has left his house.  What started as random panic attacks led to the awful day in eighth grade when Solomon stripped off his clothes and sat down in the fountain in front of his middle school.  After that, full-blown agoraphobia has kept Solomon from interacting with anyone except his understanding parents.

Lisa Prayton remembers the day Solomon parked himself in the school fountain.  She remembers the taunts and jeers from the rest of the students, and then how quickly they all forgot about Solomon. 

Now Lisa is trying to find Solomon.  She has an idea and Solomon holds a key role in the plan.  Lisa dreams of getting a full scholarship to a college known for their great psychology program.  If she writes the winning essay in their annual contest, money for college won't be a problem.  The topic of the essay contest is a personal experience with mental illness.

It starts with a letter to Solomon.  In it she offers to visit him and extends her hand in friendship.  Lisa manages to give the letter to his mother and hopes she will deliver it.

Solomon thinks this strange girl might be a bit nuts, but he agrees to allow her to enter his home and his world.  It only takes one conversation for the two of them to hit it off.  Lisa's plan is off and running.  She hopes to continue visiting Solomon and effect a "cure" that she can write about in her essay.  It should be a sure winner and earn her the scholarship.

Award winning author John Corey Whaley has written a sure winner.  HIGHLY ILLOGICAL BEHAVIOR explores the truth about friendship and its power to connect people and change lives.

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