Thursday, May 5, 2016

THE TRUTH by Jeffry W. Johnston

The Truth

Three years ago Chris and younger brother Devon lost their father.  He was a police officer, and he died saving the life of another child.  Even though three years have passed, Chris still has trouble understanding why his father did the unthinkable, put down his gun, and then was forced to step in between a little girl and the man who was threatening to shoot her. 

Now Chris has had to step up and be the man of the family.  He learned exactly what that meant eight nights ago when an intruder entered their home.  Chris and Devon were home alone since their mother was working late.  Chris heard noises downstairs.  Before he headed down to check, he took the gun from his mother's nightstand and told Devon to stay upstairs.

Entering the kitchen, Chris glimpses a gun in the hand of the intruder and he fires.  The next thing he knows, he is staring down at what appears to be a kid no older than thirteen.  Chris watches as the kid bleeds to death on the kitchen floor.

According to police, the shooting was clearly self-defense, but now Chris finds himself facing the older brother of his victim.  Derek is demanding the truth.  He wants to know what really happened. 

Through "Now" and "Then" alternating chapters, author Jeffry W. Johnston tells a chilling story about just how far one brother might go to protect another.  THE TRUTH can definitely be described with phrases like "a real page-turner" and "edge-of-your-seat action."  The plot twist at the end took this reader completely by surprise.

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