Saturday, May 21, 2016

NOWHERE TO RUN by Claire J. Griffin

Nowhere to Run
Thank you to author Claire J. Griffin for this copy of NOWHERE TO RUN.

When Daddy Lewis died of a heart attack, Calvin promised his mother he would stay out of trouble and graduate from high school.  He has another personal goal which is to win the 100-meter dash at the championship track meet.  But, staying on the straight and narrow isn't always easy.

Calvin's best friend Deej is mixed up with some bad people, and friendship loyalty threatens to pull Calvin into Deej's world.  First it is a false accusation at school that gets both teens suspended for a week. 

Calvin does his time at home and returns to school to fulfill his promise and make his mother proud.  Deej, on the other hand, comes to school less and less and finally drops out entirely.  Their friendship seems to have ended as well until a late night call from Deej that involves Calvin in a situation that could cost him everything.

Author Claire J. Griffin takes readers into the world of an underprivileged inner city neighborhood where teens attend a rundown high school, live in broken homes where parents struggle to make ends meet, and try desperately to avoid gang involvement.  Calvin sees how life can look when he meets Junior, a beautiful girl with an over-protective father, but their worlds may be too different to make a relationship work.  At just over 100 pages, NOWHERE TO RUN is a quick read perfect for reluctant readers, but well developed enough to satisfy any reader.

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