Sunday, May 15, 2016


I Woke Up Dead at the Mall
In the past I have admitted to purchasing a book solely because of the cover.  You know, the judging a book by the cover thing.  Well, I picked this one up because of the title.  How could I pass up a book called I WOKE UP DEAD AT THE MALL?

Sarah is sixteen, and she is pretty shocked when she wakes up dead in the Mall of America.  According to Bertha who welcomes her, Sarah has been murdered.  Bertha also informs her that all murdered teens end up at the mall.

Who would murder her and why?  She was just a regular teen, living a boring life.  She didn't live in dangerous neighborhood.  She didn't commit crimes or hang out with unsavory companions.  The only thing different about her life was her father's recent marriage to a woman named Karen. 

Sarah joins other dead souls in the mall.  One floor is reserved just for them.  They are able to shop until they drop and eat anything and everything at the food court.  Ideally, given the right amount of time, they "wake up" and are ready to move on. 

Sarah meets Lacey, Alice, Declan, and Nick.  Each one shares the story of their deaths and each seeks the answers needed to move on.  When Sarah discovers that her new stepmother might be her murderer, she also learns that her father could be the woman's next victim.  Do the rules of the mall allow her to return to earth to warn him?  Will her new friends be able to help her?

Author Judy Sheehan's I WOKE UP DEAD AT THE MALL is a quirky journey that will give readers a look at what might await them in the afterlife.  Just like life, death comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and everyone's story is different.

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