Saturday, March 8, 2008


Bernetta knows what it is like to have someone you consider to be a friend turn against you. In fact it's now happened to her more than once. Who is a girl supposed to trust? Maybe not even herself.

Accused of running a cheating ring in her private school, Bernetta finds herself without a scholarship to Mount Olive for next year. Because of her problems at school, she is also grounded for the entire summer. She needs $9,000 in her bank account if she hopes to return to Mount Olive for seventh grade, and babysitting appears to be the only thing she is qualified to do. Then Bernetta meets Gabe, and he offers to cut her in on the action he has planned for the summer.

Using the slight-of-hand skills she has learned at her father's magic club, Trunk Number Eight, Bernetta and Gabe, a self-professed con-artist, join forces to earn some serious money. Instead of reporting to her fake babysitting gig, Bernetta meets Gabe at the mall where they begin running scam after scam to earn the money she needs to replace her lost scholarship. After all, it's for a good cause, so how could anyone object.

Everything seems to be going smoothly until Ashley Johansson shows up. She is to blame for Bernetta's trouble at school and the suspended scholarship, and now here she is threatening even more trouble. Can Bernetta get what she needs and still find a way to live with her actions? One thing she does learn is that everyone has more than one option in life; it's just about which option you choose.

Lisa Graff's THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF BERNETTA WALLFLOWER is whirlwind adventure in petty crime and accepting the consequences of one's decisions. Bernetta's story is sure to entertain, but at the same time, present readers with challenging questions about doing the right thing.

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