Friday, March 28, 2008

UNDONE by Brooke Taylor

Although their friendship is just beginning, compared to Serena's other friend relationships, Kori has had an amazing amount of influence on Serena. Just to look at them, one would think they were sisters. Serena has changed her hair style and color and the way she dresses since meeting Kori. She now sports a pierced tongue, and a tattoo is probably not far behind. After meeting Kori, Serena's confidence increases. She is more able to deal with her unpredictable mother and the absence of a father she never knew.

There is something mysterious about Kori, and yet Serena feels Kori understands her better than anyone else ever has. They both have family issues involving parents who don't really "get" them, and school is a place of discomfort for both of them. Serena manages to score high marks while Kori's grades are terrible. But it's not classwork; it is the social scene with the perky, blonde cheerleader types and the muscle-bound jocks that frustrate the girls.

The more Serena gets to know Kori, the more she realizes she doesn't know. When a tragic accident takes Kori's life, Serena is determined to find some answers and at the same time complete a list of tasks Kori created as a classroom assignment. While completing the task list, Serena learns not only Kori's secrets, but also a few of her own.

This is a first novel by Brooke Taylor,and if this is any indication of her talent, she is sure to go far.


J. Kaye Oldner said...

Wow - great review. You have me interested in reading it. That's for sure!

Tasha said...

I just got this book in the mail the other day and was intrigued right away. It is currently sitting in my tbr pile, but after reading your review I will definitely have to put it at the top!