Sunday, March 16, 2008

SWINDLE by Gordon Korman

Griffin Bing always had a plan. This time it involved a sleepover at the Old Rockford House. It was scheduled to be demolished the next day. Griffin had invited just about everyone and was very disappointed that only his best friend, Ben, showed up.

A group of the kids had the idea that the city could build a skate park on the property when the creepy, old house was torn down, but the city officials had other ideas. They thought a museum was a better idea. Griffin had organized the sleepover hoping to get the attention their plan deserved. Instead, all he got was a night in his sleeping bag listening to his friend Ben snore.

Not wanting to leave without a little adventure, the boys did a little exploring before they left. Griffin accidentally discovered a secret drawer, and tucked in that drawer was a card – an old baseball card with a picture of Babe Ruth. He was sure it was valuable and would help solve his parents’ financial problems.

After a narrow escape from the wrecking ball, Griffin and Ben hurry to Palomino’s Emporium of Collectibles and Memorabilia to get the opinion of an expert. Much to their disappointment, S. Wendell Palomino gives them bad news. The card is a reproduction and worth very little. He offers them $120, and they take the money and run.

Imagine their surprise and fury when the nightly news is carrying the story of one S. Wendell Palomino and his incredible discovery of a valuable baseball trading card valued at $1,000,000. What follows is Griffin’s new plan to get back the card he believes is rightfully his.

Gordon Korman has once again created a story sure to captivate middle grade audiences. His adventurous characters, great use of humor, and non-stop action make SWINDLE great fun to read.

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Abby said...

This Book is great!! Its exciting and mysterious at the same time.