Saturday, March 22, 2008


The complete title of this work is THE PILLAR OF LIGHT: The Legends of Milana. It begins the adventures of Nani val Dynia and the six pillars in a strange and mysterious land.

Nani's story begins when a tall stranger brings her to the home of Doc and Ruth Miller. They are missionaries in Brazil, and are stunned when the stranger arrives carrying the injured and bound Nani. He tells them only her name and hands them a mysterious necklace. Then he asks them to keep Nani and necklace safe and leaves as mysteriously as he came.

Nani becomes part the missionary couple's life over the next three years. She is welcomed by the natives and learns their ways. When a group of high school students arrives, Nani volunteers to take them to a nearby village. Their trip is uneventful until Nani makes a sharp turn on the road and nearly runs into the tall stranger standing in the middle of the road. She swerves to avoid him, sending the truck over a cliff.

When the teens awaken from the crash, they discover they are no longer in Brazil and perhaps not even on the planet Earth. They wander in the forest until they are found by a man named Kalin. He takes care of them and begins to explain the strange world they have landed in. It soon becomes obvious that Nani is really from this world, and she holds a secret that could save those living there.

THE PILLAR OF LIGHT is the start of a new series sure to be a success with readers of fantasy and science fiction. Nani and her friends will be returning to continue their adventures as they solve the mysteries of the remaining five pillars.

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