Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NOVEMBER BLUES by Sharon Draper

If you are like me, a long-time Sharon Draper fan, be sure to check out NOVEMBER BLUES, the sequel to THE BATTLE OF JERICHO.

Both Jericho and November have been through a lot. Both of them are just trying to get through their junior year without crumbling under the weight of the loss of their friend. After the tragic and sensless accident that took Josh's life and changed their lives forever, they have tried to be there to support each other and find a way to move on.

For Jericho it means giving up his trumpet and the music that meant so much. He decides the hard-hitting contact of the football team might help ease his pain. His split with Arielle hasn't helped matters much either, but focusing on this new pastime, November, and Olivia, his friend from band, is better than moping around at home.

November is dealing with an entirely different situation. After months of feeling sad and depressed, she finally admits there might be something more causing her physical pain. A pregnancy test reveals the truth - she's going to have Josh's child. Her mother is furious one minute and disappointed the next. Her future college plans are looking dim at best. Did she even love Josh enough to consider changing her life and taking on the responsibility of raising their child alone?

Sharon Draper is at her best as she takes readers back into the world of November and Jericho. It only took a few chapters to literally suck me back into their lives so that I could hardly turn the pages fast enough. Draper paints a realistic picture of the terrible tragedy of the earlier book and the new painful reality of a resulting teen pregnancy and lives that must move forward. There is just the right mix of gritty truth and future hope to satisfy most readers. Be sure to get your hands on a copy soon.


Anonymous said...

I have read he previews and i hink hey are really good. I would like o read this book but i have not been able to find it

Anonymous said...

I've read this book and 7 out of Sharon's 9 Young Adult books. I am 14 and during my english final report on this book. I absolutely loved this book. November was such a strong inspirational person. I wouldn't say she's a good role model because of the pregnancy but the way she handled it was very strong and " role model " like. I love Sharon M. Draper's books and if you have not read this book or any of her other then you 100% need to they are honestly fanastic!

lilichika said...

i really like this book but i have a ? is his story true

Readingjunky said...


Sharon Draper's books are all clasified as novels so they are fiction. Since she was a high school teacher, it is possible that some of her high school characters may be based on real people.