Sunday, June 14, 2009

BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE by Katie Alender

Looking for a good old-fashioned, possessed by an evil ghost, story, then go out and grab a copy of BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE.

Alexis seems to already have enough problems. Her pink hair, rebellious attitude, and loner status would be enough for anyone to deal with in high school, but things are getting even more complicated lately. Her younger sister Kasey has always been a challenge, but now she's acting bizarre. Her obsession with her doll collection has turned from filling her room with the rag-tag assortment to actually carrying on conversations with them. Kasey's class assigned family tree project turns creepy when Alexis discovers that her sister stole the projects of half her classmates and is spending untold hours researching their ancestors’ lives.

As weird events in their historic home begin to escalate, Alexis has reason to believe her family's safety and that of others in town is at risk. Could their father's near fatal car accident be somehow related to her sister's strange behavior? And, naturally, their mother turns a deaf ear to any conversations Alexis tries to introduce about Kasey's odd activities.

Author Katie Alender fills BAD GIRLS DON'T DIE with all the appealing traditional ghost story characteristics. Readers are treated to things that go bump in the night, rooms that turn bone-chillingly cold even when the air-conditioning is turned off, strange and eerie lights that glow where no light should be, as well as multiple personality-type behavior and superhuman strength. All this and more, combines to create an entertaining and spooky read.


Katie Alender said...

Hi! Thanks so much for reading and recommending my book!

I am always amazed at how reviewers are so much better at summarizing the story than I am, LOL.

Lenore said...

This was a fun one :)

Breanna said...

Wasn't it great? Love your review. Did you hear that Katie gets to write 2 sequels to BGDD? Isn't that exciting, I can't wait!


Readingjunky said...

Wow, I never even thought about a possible sequel, and you say there will be two! That is exciting.