Saturday, June 27, 2009


BETTER LATE THAN NEVER is book #2 in the Gifted series by Marilyn Kaye. Things pick up where they left off with Amanda, Jenna, and Tracey.

Jenna's drunken mother enters a two week rehab program, and Jenna fears a possible placement in foster care. That's when Tracey comes to the rescue by asking her parents if Jenna can stay with them.

Another unusual development for Jenna is that her long-lost father shows up. He is full of apologies and promises. Everything he promises sounds terrific to Jenna, but the fellow members of the gifted group are suspicious of his sudden appearance.

Amanda experiences another body-snatching event. This time she feels pity when she observes Ken watching a soccer practice. She sees how much he wishes he could play and the switch happens. Being in the body of a hot guy is definitely disturbing, but Amanda thinks this might give her the opportunity to get Ken's attention focused on her and a possible relationship. She certainly isn't expecting what really happens, and it might just change her forever.

I don't know how many books Marilyn Kaye plans to have in this series, but she is working her usual magic by slowly giving readers a look at her cast of interesting characters. From the sneak preview included from book #3, it looks like Emily and her ability to see into the future will be the featured character.

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