Friday, June 26, 2009


Does anyone remember the REPLICA series by Marilyn Kaye? It was quite popular with my middle school students about 10 years ago. (Geez, that's probably before most of you younger bloggers even knew how to read.) Anyway, Marilyn Kaye has a new series, and I'm predicting it will be just as popular with my students.

OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND is book #1 in this new series. Once again there is something special about a group of young people. This time there are nine teens that are "gifted". These "gifts" include things like being invisible, reading minds, and seeing future events before they happen.

A girl named Amanda stumbles across this unique collection of individuals when she discovers a "gift" of her own. Usually Amanda is known as one of the mean girls around school. She struts around like a queen bee and verbally harasses her classmates. What people don't know is that her behavior is a cover-up. She learns as a little girl that if she feels sorry for someone, she becomes that person. She sort of inhabits their body so that she feels their pain both mental and physical. This time she accidentally feels sorry for geeky Tracey, and the next thing she knows she is waking up in Tracey's bed in Tracey's body.

It's all confusing for Amanda/Tracey until she finds herself in one of Tracey's classes. It is a special class Amanda never knew existed. After several days living as Tracey and attending this class, she is beginning to understand that the small group of students has powers they call "gifts", and they may be more important than she ever realized.

Book #2 is titled BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, and book #3 is scheduled for release in October. These books are fast-paced and simply written, but just like Kaye's earlier series, they are addictive. I'm starting book #2 and will most definitely purchase any others that follow.


Lassie Bajc said...

Hey, I'm born in 2001, and I know Replica! Amazing books, truly. They have them in my town library, but I'm the only one who reads them. Do you know how i could get the english versions, or a website about the series? Thanks, love, and let the power of the 25 (26, if you count Chris) clones live,

Lassie Bajc said...

Hey, I'm born in 2001 and I know about Replica. Amazing books, truly. What's your favourite? Mabye we could chatt about Replica and Gifted on Facebook? Tell me what you think, you wrote a wonderful review and let the power of the 12 Amy's rule,