Wednesday, June 3, 2009

IF THE WITNESS LIED by Caroline B. Cooney

The four Fountain children are orphans. They first made headlines when their mother gave her life to save that of her unborn fourth child. The controversy centered on her battle with cancer and her refusal to accept chemo-therapy at the risk of harming her unborn child. Overzealous news reporters portrayed baby Tris as his mother's killer.

The second time the family hit the headlines was when a tragic accident killed their father. Once again little Tris was labeled as guilty of killing his remaining parent.

Now the media has been called in by their faithful guardian Aunt Cheryl. She believes that facing their tragic situation in front of television cameras in a docudrama is the only way to help the children deal with the ghosts of their past.

In the year since their father's death, young Jack has remained in the family home helping Aunt Cheryl with the care of almost three year old Tris. His sisters Madison and Smithy chose to head their separate ways, one to live with godparents and the other to attend boarding school. Now both girls have realized the importance of family and are returning home to discover startling developments regarding their father's accident.

Could it be that the one witness of the horrible event may have lied? Could that witness actually be a murderer, and how can three teens and one toddler prove it?

Caroline B. Cooney is known for her mystery and suspense. IF THE WITNESS LIED is one of her best. The tragic family portrait she creates is sure to captivate readers from page one. It is difficult to imagine the pain and suffering these characters have been dealt, and then to throw in a potential evil so cleverly disguised, it becomes a story almost impossible to put down. Once teens get the word on this one, it won't stay on bookshelves long.

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