Thursday, June 18, 2009


The Gecko and Sticky return! This is the second adventure of a young boy named Dave Sanchez and his pet Gecko. Once again they are battling the evil villain Damien Black.

It just happens that one day when Dave and Sticky are at the bank, a bank robber storms in and demands that everyone hit the floor. He proceeds to demand money from the tellers and fills a stretchy bag. Two things happen just before he uses an odd weapon to shoot sleeping darts into all the banks' employees and customers. First, Dave recognizes it is the evil Damien Black, and second, the villain turns back and steals a tiger-eye ring from a woman's finger. Dave and Sticky know what they have to do and the chase is on.

The two crime fighters follow Damien Black down into the sewer. They follow the trail to his fabulous mansion. Using the ingots of Invisibility and Wall Walking, they are able to sneak into the mansion. The question is can they find the money and the ring before Damien discovers they are there and uses his many thingamagigs, doohickeys, and multi-purpose gadgets to stop them.

Important facts that readers of the previous adventure will need to remember is that Dave and Sticky are in possession of the amazing Aztec wristband that utilizes the magic ingots. Dave only has two of the ingots while Damien Black has the rest and desperately wants them and the wristband back. This new adventure also continues the mystery of the famous Gecko superhero that Dave has become. He is still hoping for a more exciting name, but so far Sticky is making that impossible.

Wendelin Van Draanen must have a blast when she's writing these action-packed adventures. Thinking of the wacky, off-the-wall gadgets and gizmos, not to mention the witty dialogue, must keep her laughing as much as her readers will as they turn the pages. This is some fun stuff for middle grade readers.

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