Saturday, September 5, 2009

CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins

The eagerly awaited sequel to the popular HUNGER GAMES is not to be missed. As I turned each page, I kept thinking this was definitely worth waiting for.

Katniss and Peeta have returned victorious from the Games. Their families' lives are better than ever, and they have found ways to share their new wealth generously. The blossoming love affair that saved both their lives has quieted considerably. Both seem to be going their separate ways unless duty calls for them to appear together.

Katniss is attempting to work through her emotional confusion involving her feelings for Peeta and what she has for years also felt for Gale. She and Gale still try to spend Sundays together checking his snare traps and hunting beyond the fence, but there is a tension between them that they never had before.

As the six month mark since the Games approaches, Katniss and Peeta know they will be required to perform certain ritual duties as winners. An interesting conversation and a stern warning from the President make Katniss wonder exactly what to expect on their return to the Capitol. It seems that some districts have used Katniss's game behavior as inspiration for rebellion, but no one knows exactly to what extent the districts have gone.

Author Suzanne Collins brings back many of the original characters in CATCHING FIRE and adds some interesting new ones. The twists and turns she creatively uses at unexpected moments made me gasp more times than I could count. There will be plenty to discuss as readers work their way through the book, but putting too much more in a review will only spoil this incredible story.

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