Saturday, September 19, 2009

ROSIE AND SKATE by Beth Ann Bauman

Rosie and Skate are sisters. Rosie is a worrier, mostly concerned with holding things together at home and making a good impression. Skate is a free spirit, mostly interested in riding her skateboard down the boardwalk and spending as much time as possible with her boyfriend Perry. The one thing Rosie and Skate have in common is their alcoholic father.

Rosie finds comfort in attending a support group for teens with alcoholic parents. She thinks it would help Skate come to terms with their father's problem, but Skate thinks the meetings are too full of drama. When their father ends up in jail, Rosie visits him regularly, but again Skate doesn't join her.

Both girls are in high school but live very different lives. Rosie lives at home with an aunt who has come to stay while Dad is incarcerated. Skate lives with Julia, her boyfriend Perry's mom, or with Frank, her boss at the arcade. Perry is away at college, and their long-distance romance is becoming shaky at best.

ROSIE AND SKATE is the story of two sisters finding their way in a not-so-perfect situation. Both care deeply for each other, however, each is dealing with adversity in her own individual style. Despite the sometimes rocky times, the story is filled with concerned and caring people ready to help one another and give each other needed support.

Beth Ann Bauman is the author of a collection of short stories for adults so this is her first foray into the YA arena. Her writing flows smoothly and evenly and was a pleasure to read. The characters jumped off the page for me and seemed realistic and believable. I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

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Hey Junky! Look through my blog. You won a book. There is a choice of three titles listed. If my students have already grabbed them I will find others. Do you prefer MS level? Joan