Saturday, September 5, 2009


WILD BLUE is one of the books in a new series called the Breyer Horse Collection. According to a letter that opens the book, this fiction series is designed to help readers learn about and appreciate different breeds of horses along with their history and characteristics. This collection is sure to be a success with middle grade readers who love of horses or are just looking for an enjoyable wildlife adventure.

Blue is a wild mustang appaloosa. At two years old she has only known life in the wilds of Idaho. Living with her small band of wild horses, she is used to wide-open spaces and the freedom to roam without the interference of mankind.

One afternoon a pony is caught in a snare trap, and Blue and her sister Doe watch helplessly. A sudden thunderstorm and torrential rain complicate the situation making escape impossible. Two cowboys show up, but instead of rescuing the struggling horse, they use ropes to capture Blue and her sister. The fear-stricken horses are loaded into a trailer and taken from the only home they've ever known.

What follows is a terrifying ordeal seen through the eyes of Blue the wild mustang. She experiences men for the first time, as well as captivity, the modern mechanical world, and things she never knew existed. No matter how frightening her world becomes, she stays focused on one thing only - escape. More than anything she wants to return to Idaho and life with her herd.

Annie Wedekind captures the essence of the wild mustang. In the beginning she creates a vivid picture of the free life of the wild horse. Then her stirring descriptions take readers into the terrifying world of captivity including all its sights and sounds and trembling fear. She shows both the good and the bad when it comes to people and their treatment of animals. Blue's story will touch the heart of even the most jaded reader.

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