Sunday, September 13, 2009


I guess you could say Ellie was "looking for love in all the wrong places." When most of her friends were still virgins, Ellie had gone the "farthest" as they like to say, on a number of ocassions. The most recent was with Josh. When it was over, he said thanks and left her alone in the van to return to the party.

Ellie's friend Corinne tries to find out why Ellie seems driven to have sex with so many guys. All Ellie can say is that at the time she thinks they care about her and that feels so good.

It doesn't take much thinking to realize what is going to eventually happen. Yes, Ellie becomes pregnant. The baby definitely belongs to Josh, but Ellie chooses not to involve him in the situation. In fact those closest to her are surprised when she chooses Caleb's mother Liz to confide in and seek out for advice.

Author Jo Knowles approaches the topic of teen pregnancy from a different angle. Most books focus solely on the story of the pregnant teen, but JUMPING FROM SWINGS tells the story from four different view points. Of course, there's Ellie, but readers also hear from best friend Corinne, Josh father of the child, and Caleb who has always had a soft spot in his heart for Ellie. Congratulations to Knowles for creating a novel that doesn't glorify teen pregnancy. Instead readers will see the harsh reality of this all too common situation and the truly life-changing decisions that face everyone involved.

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