Friday, November 20, 2009

THE GOOD NEIGHBORS: KIN by Holly Black & Ted Naifeh

What if you suddenly found out you are not who or even what you think you are? Rue Silver discovers she is not even human, but instead she's a faerie.

Rue's mother disappeared and has been missing for several weeks. Her father is arrested and held as a suspect in not only her mother's disappearance, but also as a suspect in the death of one of his young students. Rue is left looking for answers.

Her friends are being supportive, but when Rue starts seeing things that she's afraid are not really there, doubts begin to surface about her sanity. She's suspected for quite some time that her mother might be crazy, and now her mother has returned to tell Rue the whole story.

THE GOOD NEIGHBORS: KIN is Holly Black's latest project. It is the first in a new series done in a graphic novel format. Complete with faeries, magical transformations, and a dark side, it represents Black's style well. Her fans are likely to enjoy this new direction, and it will probably earn her a new following as well.

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