Friday, November 6, 2009

LOST by Jacqueline Davies

Essie's world revolves around her little sister Zelda. She is a challenging child and can be quite a handful most days. Essie knows how much Zelda misses her now that she is working at the Triangle, a sweatshop that employs young seamstresses to make shirtwaists. The little girl begs Essie to stay home and play, but Essie's paycheck helps keep food on the table and the rent paid.

When the boss at the shop presents a new girl for Essie to train, she just hopes the young woman learns quickly so she can keep up her own pile of completed garments big enough to please their demanding supervisor. It doesn't take Essie long to discover the new girl, whose name is Harriet, is well-educated and used to a comfortable lifestyle. As the two young women begin to develop a friendship, Essie suspects that Harriet is hiding something or from someone.

Set in the early 1900's, the chapters of LOST alternate between Essie's thoughts dated and written in diary form over a period of six years and narrative chapters relating her present day life at work and at home. As readers are pulled into the story, it becomes evident that something has happened to Zelda, and that Essie may be blocking out some tragic event concerning the little girl. The mystery deepens as Essie begins to unravel the secrets surrounding her new friend Harriet. What is Harriet hiding and is she really who she says she is?

Author Jacqueline Davies carries readers through the story with intriguing hints and tempting tidbits about Essie and Harriet. Their true stories stay just out of reach and will make readers curious and turning the pages to find out more.

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