Thursday, November 19, 2009

SWIM THE FLY by Don Calame

Matt and his two buddies, Cooper and Sean, have set a goal every summer. This summer is no different, except Matt thinks their goal is a bit more ambitious than usual. They want to see a girl naked.

Every move they make is carefully planned to achieve their goal. They've picked out the girl, and now it's just a matter of having the right opportunity present itself. Unfortunately, no one ever realized the number of obstacles that could be encountered along the way.

In an effort to keep busy while they wait for that perfect moment, the guys figure they might as well join the local swim team like they have every summer. One thing Matt didn't plan on was meeting the new girl, Kelly. What luck - a beautiful girl, wearing nothing but a swimsuit right there at the pool every day. It's enough to make a guy do something stupid, and Matt does. When the team's coach, Ms. Luntz, asks for a volunteer to swim the butterfly in the relay event, Matt, wanting to impress Kelly, raises his hand. It's a move he knows he'll regret, but he can't seem stop himself.

Between hanging out with his pals, making plans toward their "goal", attempting to learn the butterfly (the most difficult of all the strokes), and dealing with his wacky family, Matt has his hands full. He seems to be living through the summer going from one near disaster to the next.

SWIM THE FLY is the first novel for author Don Calame. His hilarious descriptions of Matt's experiences, while exaggerated, still sparkle with glimmers of reality for anyone going through their teen years or remembering them with traces of fear and fondness. It is fast-paced and laugh out loud funny.