Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's almost time for graduation, and Logan Tom has no idea what he wants to do. He's been accepted at one university but has no clue how he'll pay for it or if he even wants to go. All he really wants to do is surf.

Surfing with his buddies since age eight, Logan only feels alive in the ocean. Lately, his relationships have been pretty rocky, but he's hoping that will turn around. Z-Boy, Fin , and Logan have always been known as the three Musketeers, at least until the blow up with Fin. A girl was at the center of the fight, and Logan will forever have regrets. Those regrets are compounded by the fact that mere days before graduation, Fin is killed in a surfing accident that leaves Logan with doubts about his own life and whether having future plans even matters.

With money a huge obstacle in the way of college plans and relaxing days filled with surfing, Logan lets his friend Z-Boy talk him into a dangerous situation. With Fin gone, the two remaining friends are approached to replace him as "mules" transporting 100 pounds of marijuana from California to Orlando, Florida. Logan knows the decision is unwise, but the promise of quick cash is too much to resist.

A local distributor sets the plan in action and the two young men head off in a Crown Victoria for the two and a half day cross-country trip. Logan knows that with Z-Boy along almost anything is possible, and it doesn't take long for things to go terribly wrong. He just hopes they can successfully complete the delivery and return home safely.

Author G. Neri not only brings the world of surfing to life for his readers, but he also defines the true meaning of friendship and commitment. Readers will sympathize with the emotionally torn Logan, and at the same time enjoy the crazy antics of Z-Boy. The surfing backdrop provides an adrenaline rush that compliments the more serious subjects of uncertain futures and senseless tragedy. SURF MULES has me looking forward to whatever G. Neri has to offer next.

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