Monday, December 28, 2009

THE DYING BREATH by Alane Ferguson

THE DYING BREATH by Alane Ferguson is her fourth novel classified as "a forensic mystery."  Just like the other three, THE DYING BREATH is filled with dead bodies, autopsies, and CSI-type crime solving. 

Cameryn is not your normal almost 18 year old.  She is assistant to the coroner, her father Patrick Mahoney.  Her interest in science and her talent at figuring out the puzzles behind mysterious deaths, has earned her the job and also the respect of local law enforcement officials and the medical examiner. 

When the local eccentric, Leather Ed, is found dead in his home, Cameryn is on the scene.  It doesn't take long for two more bodies to show up in the medical examiner's morgue, and again, Cameryn is front and center.  Her puzzle solving skills are needed when it is discovered that all three deaths were from the same strange cause. 

Helping solve the mystery of the three related deaths is complicated when Kyle O'Neil resurfaces threatening not only Cameryn's life, but also that of her boyfriend and local sheriff deputy, Jason.  While everyone tries to protect Cameryn, she argues that he has left a clue that only she can interpret.  Refusing to be kept "safe", Cameryn insists on taking an active role in finally catching this psychopathic killer.

Author Alane Ferguson does extensive research for each of her novels.  She attends autopsies and works with forensic pathologists so she can present accurate information in each mystery.  If you are looking for books with plenty of suspense, a good amount of gory stuff, and a little bit of romance, then Ferguson's books are for you.  Check out not only THE DYING BREATH, but also THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER, THE ANGEL OF DEATH, and THE CIRCLE OF BLOOD.


Dani said...

Sheriff's deputy is Justin not Jason!

Anonymous said...

I love this book so much! I recommend it to any people interested in murder stories!!!!!!

bookcrazy said...

its not jason its justin ! what are the characters responsibilities to the environment is what you should add in there