Saturday, December 26, 2009

TENTACLES by Roland Smith

TENTACLES is the sequel to Roland Smith's CRYPTID HUNTERS.  He continues the excitement begun in the Congo as Marty and Grace join Dr. Travis Wolfe in a new adventure to find a giant squid in the waters off New Zealand.

After Marty found out Grace was actually his cousin and not the twin sister he thought she was, their new life took them to the island of Cryptos to live with Grace's father Travis Wolfe.  This new adventure begins as their boarding school friend Luther arrives on the island.  The action starts off with a frantic chase to catch a chimpanzee named Bo as he terrorizes the island on a four-wheeler.  Using Luther's wild and crazy flaming red hair as bait, they are able to not only catch the chimp, but also get him aboard the newly renovated ship called the Coelacanth bound for New Zealand to capture a giant squid.

At the same time that Travis Wolfe and his crew are preparing for their journey, the famous and evil Noah Blackwood is preparing his ships to intercept the Coelacanth in an effort to kidnap Grace, his grand-daughter and steal two priceless dinosaur eggs or whatever may have already hatched from those valuable eggs. 

TENTACLES is filled with fast-paced action, high-tech gadgets, disguises, and double agents.  Teens looking for adventure and intrigue are sure to like this one.  There is excellent back-story information provided so even those who haven't yet read CRYPTID HUNTERS can enjoy the story.  Readers who are already fans of the first book will also be pleased to discover that TENTACLES will probably not be the last adventure for Marty and Grace.


Anonymous said...

i love this book! <3

Anonymous said...

This book is absolutely the best I have ever read. I had to do a book report on this book, it was totally easy finished in less than 2 hours.(:

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Chupacabra to come out!