Friday, December 4, 2009


Dade is marking time during that awkward summer between high school and college. Things at home are not the greatest so he welcomes the chance to get out. Unfortunately, his crappy job at Food World is about the closest he comes to getting out.

For as long as he can remember he has been quietly repeating the words, "I am gay." He knows it is true but can't bring himself to tell his parents. Maybe when he is away at school in Michigan, he can break the news to them, but certainly not while he is still right here in Cedarville. They have enough problems of their own.

Over a year ago he did open up to Pablo. They have shared many intimate moments during their time together, but Pablo still insists in public that he has a girlfriend which leaves Dade feeling used and alone.

This summer may have brought one bit of luck - Alex. From the moment Dade meet him and saw his gorgeous smile, he's been wanting to spend time with him and find out what they might have in common. Alex isn't easy though. He doesn't run with the same crowd as Dade and hooking up is proving harder than he expected.

Dade is filled with confusion about his sexuality, uncertainty about his readiness for college, and a general inability to form lasting relationships. He bounces back and forth in odd friendships with Pablo, Lucy a neighbors' niece, Alex, and twins named Jessica and Fessica. All the while he worries - about his parents, his future, and the mysterious disappearance of a local nine year old. Can he manage to handle all this and keep himself together until he can head off to school?

THE VAST FIELDS OF ORDINARY offers the perfect example a teen-angst drama. First time author Nick Burd captures the crazy mix of emotions and the desire to gain some sort of control that most teens face at one time or another as they struggle toward adulthood. His writing style makes for a smooth and satisfying read.

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