Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BAIT by Alex Sanchez

Diego is angry.  It doesn't take much to set him off.  His normal release for anger is punching the walls in his bedroom, and then he discovers cutting.  One day a taunting comment from a classmate ends with Diego punching the kid in the face.  That punch lands Diego in front of a judge.

Since it is his first offense he avoids time in juvie and even escapes probation.  However, after meeting with Mr. Vidas, a probation officer used by the court to evaluate juvenile offenders, Diego thinks time spent talking to this man might be helpful.  Much to everyone's surprise, he pleads to be put on probation. 

Once his weekly meetings with Vidas begin, Diego finds himself facing his internal demons.  Much of his anger seems to be connected with the suicide of his stepfather and a feeling that his mother doesn't really give him the attention and credit he thinks he deserves.  Vidas takes Diego down a path of self-discovery that opens old wounds and forces him to deal with long-buried issues.  The question now is - Can Diego come to terms with what he has faced in his young life and come through it alive?

Thanks to the talent of author Alex Sanchez, readers will see Diego's life, both past and present, unfold before them.  The flow and timing of BAIT will capture readers in the first chapter and make them reluctant to put this one down until the last page.

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