Saturday, February 20, 2010


When Steven's mom's boyfriend takes off, he's relieved.  He never really liked Mike.  Unfortunately, Steven's mom is pregnant.  She says she's having a girl, and they begin calling her Sam.

Steven's dad died when Steven was only one.  He doesn't know a thing about him.  Now, about to have a little sister who also won't know her dad, he sets about trying to explain things to her.  He begins to write Sam a letter.  He's not sure when or if she will ever read it, but he writes about everything that's happens to them last December.

There was the new high school and Steven's desire to be part of the hockey team.  There was a fight with a group of skinheads and the threat that they might come back for more.  There was the irresistible Jenny and new best friend Trevor who got Steven involved in the high school social scene.  There was Byron, the Ms. Pac-Man playing stranger, who always seemed to show up at the Donut Hole.  All of these are intertwined in Steven's letter along with the stress and pressure of being the man in the family for his pregnant mother and his soon-to-be little sister.

LAST DECEMBER describes Steven's struggle to adapt to the normal ups and downs of being a teen at the same time he comes to terms with being there for a mother about to become a single mother of two children.  Using the concept of a letter, author Matt Beam takes his readers directly into Steven's thoughts as he attempts to provide history and guidance for his unborn sister.

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