Sunday, February 14, 2010

GONE (Wake Trilogy Book #3) BY LISA MCMANN

Janie thought things were settled.  She's made her peace with the fate life has in store for her.  Cabel keeps telling her his love for her will not change even when she's blind and crippled.  Now on vacation with him at the lake, she is finally beginning to feel that maybe it will work.  That is until she gets a frantic phone call from Carrie.

Carrie's hysterical call leads Janie to believe her mother has finally lost it.  It sounds like after wandering drunkenly in her nightgown, she's been taken to the hospital.  Who knows what Janie will find when she arrives?

When Janie and Cabel get to the hospital, they discover that the problem is not with Janie's mother, but instead with a man named Henry.  Through a confused haze of alcohol, Dorothea tells Janie the man is her long lost father and that he is dying.  After delivering this shocking news, Dorothea heads home and shuts herself in her room.  The next morning Janie is unable to get her mother to reveal much more about the sudden reappearance of the father she has never known, which leaves Janie with the task of figuring out what to do next.

With Cabel's help and her newfound detective skills, Janie begins to uncover the truth.  She learns that Henry has lived just a couple a miles from her her entire life.  On several more visits to his hospital room, Janie is sucked into his dying dreams.  The terrifying experience gives her clues about his life, and when she encounters Miss Stubins, she knows he was a dream catcher, too.

Knowing about her father and the choices he made, gives Janie even more to think about as far as her own future is concerned.  Maybe it is time to think about what is really best for her, Caleb, her mother, and the Captain's offer of a job.  Knowing what she knows now offers the promise of a peaceful life without blindness and crippling disability but at what cost to the relationships she values.

GONE is the final book in Lisa McMann's Wake trilogy.  After following Janie and her life as a dream catcher, readers will be fascinated by the twists and turns revealed in this final book.  McMann did an excellent job of capturing Janie's continued frustration with her lot in life and her desire to maintain control and at the same time protect the ones she loves.  It is a conclusion worth waiting for, and now just leaves readers wondering what McMann will have to offer next.

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