Friday, February 19, 2010

CRACKED UP TO BE by Courtney Summers

CRACKED UP TO BE by Courtney Summers is the YA fiction winner of the Cybils award.  It is Summers's first book and will probably have many waiting anxiously for her next.

Parker Fadley's life is falling apart.  Previously, she had perfect grades, was the perfect daughter, the perfect girlfriend, and the perfect cheerleader.  Well, sort of anyway. 

Parker had her life scheduled right down to the tiniest detail.  She was in control.  Although, others might have seen her as controlling and her fellow cheerleaders referred to her as the Nazi, she knew exactly what she wanted and where she was headed.  All of that is gone now.  Now she is in danger of not graduating, and her parents have her on a short leash that includes a curfew and constant questions as soon as she enters the house.

It started the night of Chris's party.  She was drunk and most definitely out of control.  Her best friend Jessica was having boyfriend trouble, and something happened.  That sometime has taken control of Parker's life.  It's that feeling of responsibility that has her drunk at school, skipping classes, and even attempting suicide.

Author Courtney Summers takes her readers deep into the troubles of Parker Fadley.  Her supporting cast of characters stand at the ready to help Parker, but through cleverly placed flashbacks, readers learn that Parker's guilt is preventing her from accepting any of their well-intentioned help.  Each flashback reveals more and more of that devastating night, and readers will keep the pages turning to find out what fate has in store for Parker.

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