Saturday, February 13, 2010

DAWN by Kevin Brooks

Dawn Bundy has set out to kill God.  She is not exactly sure how to go about it, but she is sure it's the only answer.

Two years ago her father disappeared.  It's not that it was a terrible loss.  He was a drunken drug addict and pretty worthless as far as she could tell.  However, since he disappeared her mother has fallen apart.  She spends her time in front of the TV usually drunk and zoned out on her antidepressant meds. 

Dawn goes to school and then comes home to hang out.  She spends her free time listening to music and snuggling up with her two dogs.  Their life isn't perfect, but thanks to her father, she and her mother have money.  He left behind a duffle bag full of money.  The gun also left inside the bag suggests the money was from some drug deal, but whatever the case, they have used it wisely as they wait for his possible return.

Dawn describes herself as having another Dawn trapped in a cave inside her mind.  That other Dawn is hiding from something she doesn't want to remember.  Even though Dawn tries to carry on and push aside her memories, they eventually catch up with her and pull the inner Dawn out into the light of day.

Author Kevin Brooks exhibits his unique talent to get inside the psyche of his characters.  Through Dawn, readers will live her fears and frustrations as she deals with her alcoholic mother and repressed memories of her absent father.  As the layers of her character are peeled away, her story becomes deeper and darker.  Readers will feel her desperation, yet sense the underlying hope that drives her.  Fans of Kevin Brooks will want to check out his latest, DAWN.

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