Wednesday, January 26, 2011


BASEBALL HEROES features four players who changed the history of baseball.  They faced the odds against them to play the game they loved.

Hank Greenberg was born to immigrant parents in New York City.  His dream to play baseball almost didn't happen.  Being Jewish didn't make him popular with the fans or the other players, but he didn't let that stop him. 

Jackie Robinson faced cruel taunts and segregated locker nrooms to become the first African American major league player.  He paved the way for huge changes in the way the nation viewed and accepted the talent of African American athletes.

Another player to change the look of major league baseball was Fernando Valenzuela.  Born in Mexico, he not only convinced the baseball community that Latinos could contribute to the game, but the resulting "Fernandomania" lead Latinos and Mexican Americans to ball parks across the country.

Ila Borders didn't let being a girl stop her.  Her dream was to be a major league pitcher.  With her father's help she learned to pitch and what followed was an outstanding high school and college pitching career that convinced several big league teams to give her a chance to live her dream.

Author Glenn Stout takes readers on a tour of some amazing baseball history.  He presents the stories of the four players in this compelling and easy to read book.  BASEBALL HEROES is one a new series by Stout called GOOD SPORTS.  Baseball fans young and old are sure to enjoy it.

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