Monday, January 31, 2011

THE BIG CRUNCH by Pete Hautman

June is used to living some place new every six months or so.  Her father's business takes him to a new location requiring June and her mother to trail along.  Making friends is not a problem; it's keeping them that is the challenge.

At her latest school June hooks up with Jerry.  It seemed like an easy relationship, but now his constant political campaigning for class president is becoming a bit tiresome.  She doesn't want to hurt his feelings, but she's really not into him anymore.

Wes is just getting over a break-up and not looking for anyone new so he is surprised when he meets June.  The first thing he notices is her eyes.  They are an unusual blue and more widely spaced than any eyes he's ever seen. 

June's reaction to Wes is similar.  She is put off by his shaggy hair and sarcastic attitude.  He certainly isn't her idea of a dream date.

June and Wes keep bumping into each other both literally and figuratively.  It is their actual head bump collision at the grocery store that has them noticing each other more seriously.  Once June realizes the chemistry they have was the thing missing in her relationship with Jerry, she knows she has fallen for Wes.  And of course, that's when her father announces his new job will require a move.  How can she leave Wes and move to Nebraska?  Can their newfound relationship survive the distance?

Pete Hautman creates an unusual teen romance in THE BIG CRUNCH.  Definitely not love at first sight, he reveals a more realistic relationship formed over time and against the odds.  This story captures the ups and downs a couple might actually face as their relationship develops.  Many teens may be ready for this lifelike portrayal of young love.

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