Monday, January 10, 2011


The day Piper arrived at school to witness the winners of the Seattle Teen Battle of the Bands attempting to give an impromptu concert changed her life.  Who would have believed that the band's lead vocalist would ask Piper to be the band's manager? 

Piper's qualifications for being a rock band manager are basically non-existent.  Her major interests are working hard to get straight A's, playing chess with her friend Ed in the school chess club, and making sure she gets home in time for dinner.  Another thing that makes it seem a bit strange that she would be tapped as band manager is the fact that Piper is deaf.

Piper was born hearing but around the age of six began to lose her hearing.  Now she relies on hearing aids, lip-reading, and signing to understand the world around her.  Her dream is to go to Gallaudet University, a college for the deaf.  It has always been part of the family plan as well, until her father's company went under and he lost his job.  Even with that setback, Piper knew she had a college fund started by her grandparents.  At least that's what she was counting on until her parents decided to use a huge chunk of that college fund to pay for the cochlear implant for her hearing impaired little sister.

Getting involved with the band is Piper's chance to fit in for the first time and maybe make a little money for her college dreams.  Now she is trying to get two brothers, a girl with spiky hair and multiple piercings, and the most popular girl in school to achieve musical success. 

Debut YA author Antony John mixes colorful characters, rocky family relationships, temperamental musicians, and a bit of rock and roll history to create a true reading adventure.  Teens with their own music dreams will quickly be drawn into Piper's story.  John handles Piper's disability with a directness and humor that will inspire readers to push toward their goals no matter what.

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