Monday, January 3, 2011

FAT CAT by Robin Brande

Can a science fair project change your life?  One high school student named Cat would say, "Yes, indeed".

Cat lives for science, and being part of Mr. Fizer's advanced science class will give her the opportunity to create the winning science fair project she has always   dreamed about.  Although, she is excited, she is also scared to death.  Everyone knows that Mr. Fizer requires his students to blindly select a picture and then develop a project based on something that picture represents.  What picture would she choose?

When Cat sees her picture, she panics.  It is a picture of the first man, Homo erectus.  Actually, it is a picture of ancient men and women battling a pack of hyenas for the remains of a dead deer.  Cat can't believe her reaction to the picture.  She notices a woman brandishing a club and immediately wishes she had a body that looked that good.  It is that thought that sparks an idea for her science project.

Cat's objective will be to prove that the current state of our health is directly related to the evolution of our diet, daily activity, and the advent of technology.  She plans to use herself as a test subject.  Will she be able to give up her beloved junk food, TV, cell phone, and internet?  Is it possible to turn her previous lazy lifestyle into a more active one, and will it result in weight loss and a chance to feel pretty for the first time in her life?

Author Robin Brande takes readers on an adventure with Cat that proves if we change our lifestyle, we will change more than just our looks.  The adjustments Cat makes in her life-long habits have an incredible impact on her life and relationships.  What started out as a way to win a science competition, turns into much, much more.  Any reader who has ever struggled with the dreaded science fair project or with issues of weight will enjoy FAT CAT. 

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