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SKINNY by Donna Cooner

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Release date: 10-1-12

Readers will want to head out to the bookstore or library on October 1 to grab a copy of SKINNY by debut author Donna Cooner.  According to the acknowledgment notes, Cooner included a bit of herself as she created Ever Davies.  Having undergone gastric bypass surgery herself, she is able to provide a realistic view of Ever's experience.

Ever weighs 302 pounds.  She had always been a chubby girl, but since her mother's death and her father's decision to remarry, Ever has eaten her way to her largest size yet. 

Diets have never worked for Ever.  She loses a few pounds and then puts it right back on.  She is tired of being invisible as she listens to other girls complain about their excess weight as they strut around in their size 0 jeans.  No one talks to her unless they bump into her in the hall and taunt her about her size.  She dreams of being smaller and finally being able to talk to Jackson, a childhood friend who doesn't seem to remember she even exists.

Ever does have the support of Rat, another longtime friend and neighbor.  When she begins contemplating the idea of gastric surgery, his fascination with all things science gives her the final encouragement to take the risk.  With Rat's support and the support of her father and step-mother, Ever makes arrangements to leave school five weeks early to have the surgery she hopes will change her life.

It is made clear that because of her long history of unsuccessful dieting, she does qualify for the procedure which is usually not performed on someone her age.  The risk factors are carefully explained and precise instructions are given for her recovery and future weight loss success.  Ever knows everything depends on her will power and dedication.

SKINNY takes readers through the experience of one girl determined to change her life.  Ever's emotional struggle with inner voices and periodic lack of self-confidence show how difficult weight loss can be.  Donna Cooner's combination of wit and determination make Ever's story an inspiration.

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