Monday, August 20, 2012

TRIANGLES by Ellen Hopkins

After learning that TILT was a companion to Ellen's adult novel TRIANGLES, I needed to read it to get the full picture.  This is definitely an adult novel on many levels, however, readers who discovered Ellen at the very beginning of her career will no doubt be interested in check this one out.

TRIANGLES begins the story that connects to the teens in TILT.  The focus in TRIANGLES is on three women and the complications they are dealing with in their lives.  The teens in TILT are the children of these women and are suffering the backlash of some of the adults' decisions as well as problems of their own making.

The two novels connect well but can easily be read separately.  Teens can read and appreciate TILT without needing to read the earlier adult novel.  (See previous post for a review of TILT.)

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