Saturday, August 18, 2012

TILT by Ellen Hopkins

Thank you Goodreads giveaway for giving me the opportunity to read and review TILT by Ellen Hopkins.  It was my first Goodreads giveaway win!

For three teens the world is tilting out of control.  Ellen Hopkins gives voice to Harley, Shane, and Mikayla and relates their struggles to hold on to what remains of their lives despite the messes created by the adults in their world.

Harley's dad is about to remarry and her mother attempts to hid her unhappiness with fanatic workouts when she isn't focused on her writing.  When Lucas starts paying attention to Harley, she is amazed that someone so cool would be interested in her.  His gentle concern soon turns daring as he takes Harley over to the wild side.  Even warnings from her best friend and her soon to be step-brother aren't enough to convince Harley to slow things down.

Shane is getting involved with his first boyfriend.  It doesn't set well with his father, but Shane is quick to remind dear old dad that just when his wife needs him, he has been noticeably absent.  Shane's mother has spent five long years caring for his terminally ill little sister, and with the end near, she sure could use more support than her teenage son is able to give. 

Then there's Mikayla.  She is deeply in love with Dylan.  He is everything to her.  The relationship has become serious enough to involve sex.  Dylan is always responsible and prepared with a condom until one night that changes Mikayla's life forever.  She is now pregnant and struggling with what to do.  Dylan threatens their relationship will be over if she doesn't have an abortion, but she can't go through with it.  True to his word, Dylan is gone, and Mikayla is left deciding how and when to tell her parents and friends the truth.

TILT is a companion novel to Ellen Hopkins's adult novel TRIANGLES.  The three teens in TILT are the children of characters dealing with their own personal pain and poor decisions.  Hopkins's fans who became serious followers since reading her first novel CRANK, will be glad to know that they can continue to follow her through her adult novels, too.

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