Wednesday, August 8, 2012


THE OTHER NORMALS by Ned Vizzini is going to be just the ticket for reluctant readers with a passion for online role playing games.  I already have a few in mind and can't wait to share it with them when school starts.

Perry Echert's story starts out in typical RPG form.  His parents think he spends too much time playing Creatures & Caverns.  They are concerned about his lack of social skills and what they see as his total lack of friends.  They decide the answer is summer camp.

When Perry arrives at Camp Washiska Lake he is shocked at the search and seizure tactics of the camp officials.  Game-playing books, electronics, and even comic books are off limits.  When he spots the familiar face of a recent acquaintance from school, he thinks maybe things might not be too bad, but he is soon proven wrong.  Sam, a fellow gamer, seems intent on ignoring Perry.

Camp is just as frightening as Perry imagined until a trip into the woods lands him in another world.  The characters and creatures he is used to interacting with online are now real, and they insist he must help them save their world.  They are asking the impossible.  To save their princess, he will need to return to the world of Camp Washiska Lake and kiss the girl of his dreams.  How will he be able to make friends with her, gain her confidence, and kiss her when he can barely talk to her? 

Readers will follow Perry from one world to another and join him in his quest as he battles creatures and learns how to navigate in a reality that resembles his online hobby.  Author Ned Vizzini's ability to use humor and create a completely believable nerdy fifteen year old made THE OTHER NORMALS a captivating read even for this reader who has never played a role playing game.  Look for it in bookstores this October.

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