Monday, January 21, 2013

CRASH: VISIONS Book One by Lisa McMann

Some high school students might see a job at a pizza place as a quick way to make some cash.  For Jules pizza is a way of life.  Her family owns a pizza place/Italian restaurant.  But add to that the fact that they live in the apartment above the restaurant, and Jules and her siblings drive to school in a food truck complete with two giant meatballs on the roof, and you can see why Jules' life may involve too much pizza.

When Jules starts seeing the vision of a crash and explosion in the billboard she passes every day, she chalks it up to exhaustion from going to school and working every night.  When she begins seeing the vision in every street sign and store window, she worries it might mean something else.  Her grandfather's suicide and her father's battle with depression and hoarding have her thinking perhaps she will be the next one in the family to lose it.

The vision is beginning to interfere with her daily life, and as it becomes clearer, it becomes more disturbing.  A snowplow crashes into a building and nine body bags appear.  Details begin to surface that allow Jules to recognize the building as the restaurant of a rival Italian family, and even more disturbing, one of the body bag opens to reveal the son of the owner, a boy Jules has secretly loved since grade school.  It seems impossible to get rid of the vision so Jules becomes determined to find a way to prevent the accident hoping that will stop the frightening images.

Author Lisa McMann has another sure hit with CRASH, and I was thrilled to see it is the opener for a new series.  McMann combines likable characters, a little romance, a bit of humor, and just the right amount of the supernatural to make CRASH a riveting read.  I couldn't put it down and can't wait for Book #2.

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