Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ten year old Jamie doesn't really remember his sister Rose.  She was the twin of his sister Jas, but she died five years ago.  Her death was the result of a random terrorist bombing in a London park, and it tore their family apart.

Jamie and Jas are moving to a small country town with their father.  Their mother has chosen to go live a man she met at the support group for families of bombing victims.  Jamie hopes their parents will resolve their differences, but Jas tells him that probably won't happen.

Starting at a new school has Jamie on edge.  Making friends isn't one of his strengths even during good times so he is fairly certain he won't find any friends here.  Much to his surprise a pretty Muslim girl named Sunya seems eager to be his friend.  The only problem with having Sunya as a friend is that it was a Muslim group that took responsibility for the bombing that took the life of his sister.  If Jamie's father finds out he is friendly with a Muslim the world might end.

As Jamie and Jas struggle to carry on with daily life, their father drowns his grief in alcohol.  Months pass with Jamie continuing to hold out hope that his mother will visit and life will return to normal.  He silent suffers the taunts of bullies at school with only the support of his rocky new friendship with the little Muslim girl.

MY SISTER LIVES ON THE MANTELPIECE by Annabel Pitcher is a tender, poignant story of love and loss and what it takes to carry on.

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