Saturday, January 26, 2013


Against the odds, Alex and Kevin became childhood friends.  Alex was the athlete and Kevin was the smart kid everyone else picked on.  Their friendship became one of those that was bound to last a lifetime, only that lifetime was cut short when Kevin was killed by a drunk driver.

Alex witnessed the horrible accident and was crippled by guilt.  After Kevin's death, Alex's life became very dark.  His parents and teachers were worried about him as his grades dropped, he withdrew and even contemplated suicide. 

When therapy doesn't help, his parents decide to send him to a summer camp for troubled teens.
Sure that the camp idea will be a complete waste of time, Alex is surprised when the clear lake, tall trees, and some great new friends combine to help him find a reason to keep living.  Alex meets Rachel, a girl at the camp for mysterious reasons, and the relationship that results promises to change Alex's life forever.

Author M. Scott Carter explores love and loss and the pain associated with both.  This powerful story will stay with readers long after the final page.

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