Sunday, January 6, 2013

FOR ONE MORE DAY by Mitch Albom

Charley "Chick" Benetto grew up being a "daddy's boy", but at a critical moment in Chick's life he wishes he had had more time with his mother.  When he is given that gift, he learns more than he ever believed possible.

His own failed marriage and the fact that he wasn't even invited to his only daughter's wedding because he might embarrass someone, sent Chick over the edge.  He had long been drowning his sorrows in alcohol, but missing that wedding caused him to make the decision to end his life.  He pointed his car toward his childhood home not really intending to reach his destination.

A car accident ends with Chick hitting a billboard and being thrown from his vehicle.  As he lay on the ground, he experienced something he was never fully able to explain.  Chick finds himself entering his old home where he finds his mother who died years before.  During one morning, afternoon and evening, he takes a journey with her that brings new meaning and understanding about his childhood and gives him a greater appreciation of all his mother did for him.

Author Mitch Albom weaves a complicated tale about a man looking to make amends.  This man's regrets will mirror those of many readers.  Those who question the decisions they have made, relationships they have compromised, and mistakes they have made, will be able to relate to Chick and perhaps have time to change things in their own lives before time runs out.  Although, it might be too early in life for teens to fully appreciate Chick's experience, this book could help them make better choices as they make their own journeys.

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