Friday, January 4, 2013

THE TIME KEEPER by Mitch Albom

Please excuse the continued reviewing of Mitch Albom books, but when I reread TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE to prepare for teaching it in the upcoming weeks, I recognized the potential appeal his books might have for teens.  I already own and have read THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN, and my students occasionally select it from the shelf so I decided to purchase his latest book, THE TIME KEEPER.

Dor was fascinated by time before anyone knew time even existed.  His obsession resulted in him becoming Father Time.  God gave him the task of finding two people - one wanting time to move faster and one wanting it to slow down.  From them God said he would learn the true meaning of time and why man's limited time is so precious.

Victor is an incredibly wealthy businessman with a terminal illness.  He hopes to use his wealth to figure out a way to cheat death. 

Sarah, an insecure teen, meets Ethan who she believes is the boy of her dreams.  When he turns her life into a nightmare, she is determined to cut her time short and end her life.

When Dor hears the voices of Victor and Sarah begging for more time, less time, or another time, he knows they are the two he needs to find.  He connects with them when they enter the same clock shop to purchase special timepieces.

The story unfolds in Albom's smooth, easy style as he takes readers on an amazing adventure that will leave them with a greater appreciation of the time they have, whether short or long. 

I'm now reading HAVE A LITTLE FAITH and plan to read FOR ONE MORE DAY, so expect reviews to follow soon.

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