Saturday, December 20, 2014

EMPTY by K.M. Walton

EmptyWhen her father decided to abandon his family and her mother began to use pills to deal with their crumbling life, Dell's reaction was to turn to food.  She has put on 70 pounds in the past year.  Now her clothes don't fit, her mother constantly nags her about how much she eats, and her softball coach just told her he is kicking her off the team.  Dell knows her life is out of control, but what can she do? 

Her best friend Cara tries to get her involved with school activities including a party invitation that even the popular kids would envy.  Dell agrees to go but is sure she won't have any fun.  Cara pretty much deserts her once they arrive so Dell goes in search of a beer where she runs into Brandon.  She's always been attracted to him and cherishes the one time he complimented her on her batting skills.  When he asks her if she wants to see something upstairs, she can't believe her luck.

Dell becomes the victim of Brandon's drunkenness.  He gets her into a bedroom and after an astonishingly gentle kiss, her rapes her.  Dell can't believe what happens and has no idea how to tell anyone.  Her silence is the perfect cover for Brandon who immediately spreads the rumor that Dell raped him.

If life wasn't already difficult enough for Dell, she becomes an even bigger target for unwelcome jokes and taunts.  Wishing she could tell her mother or best friend, she suffers in silence and continues to use food to fill her emptiness.

Author K.M. Walton takes her readers into the depths of despair as she examines the consequences of bullying.  With no support system, Dell tries to deal with the disappointments of life, but things spiral out of control to a point of no return.  Powerful heart-breaking, EMPTY is a riveting read.

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